HoldfényCon in Budapest coming up tomorrow!

Newsflash! Me loves Hungary and its people, but then again, me loves attending cons in general! Anyways, me be returning back to Budapest tonight for the summer edition of HoldfényCon that kicks off tomorrow! Here me will gather some info about the con…

HoldfényCon – Summer edition
After my return from the nice Animefest in Czech Republic this week, me stayed in Norway for a few days before me along with my lovely friends in R(obin) went to Swedeland to pick up M(umo) to fly off to Budapest in Hungary to attend this weekends HoldfényCon! It will be my 3rd con in Hungary (while it is the first Hungary-trip for both R & M) where me have previously been to Cosplayer Expo and the winter edition of HoldfényCon. “HoldfényCon”, which can be translated to “Moonlightcon”, though me doubt there will be much moonlight in may……. But yeah, no doubts that me are looking forward to return back to this beautiful capital for another nice event, especially when it be the first time me be bringing dear friends with me as well!

1-day event with awesomeness?
Considering that this version of Holdfenycon will be only for 1 day (instead of 2 like the winter version was), there will probably be not as many gamers who was more like “cosplay? what’s dat?” or perhaps it was the language barrier or just me who was incapable of understanding things? Oh well, even if it’s for just 1 day, they’ve still managed to pile up a nice bunch of happenings and activities in place, with a big focus on cosplay, which is always nice. The area holds a nice option for loads of nice photoshoots as well. If it is going to be anything similar to Cosplayer Expo, especially the aftermath of the convention, it will be an interesting event, yes! Also the guests they have gathered up this time is very nice!

Seeing fellow cosplayer friends again as well as Finn Jones!
As me mentioned, they’ve a nice guest list for this edition: First up we got cosplayers in Nikita from France and Mogu from Italy. In addition to that, they’ve got a guest of honor, which is a person me met about 2 months ago; Finn Jones, who plays Ser Loras Tyrell in the highly rated and popular tv-series Game Thrones! There are also other cosplayer friends and profiles that will be appearing there, including the hungarian lovely ones in Enji NightLicorneRukiRaffiRhysa, Aoime as well as the usual 501st Legion with Raymond & co.


So. Feeling the excitement for this weekend taking place already now, yes! Returning after 4-5 days!


Holdfénycon Summer, 18. may 2013, Budapest, Hungary - www.holdfenycon.hu

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