New convention; PEPPCON – Return to UPPSALA!

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Returning back to Uppsala this summer for a brand new convention there; PEPPCON! More info…
First installment of PeppCon and returning back to Uppsala!
So. This will be one exciting summer with Desucon in Norway being hosted in a massive location, Scandinavias most popular and nicest convention in NärCon and in-between those 2 conventions there will be a return for me to Uppsala for the very first installment of PEPPCON! PeppCon, which can be translated to “Hyped up Con” or “HypeCon” (something like that anyways), will be my first trip to Uppsala since the highly-loved and respected UppCon close down in 2012! There are several reasons why me want to go there besides the socialness and randomness. As me already mentioned, it be hosted in Uppsala, which was the first place outside Norway that me (along with my friend Wirat) went to a convention to. Back then it was UppCon (god rest them zombie bones…<3) – Soe yeah, me can safely say that Uppcon will forever hold a special meaning to me and my conventioning life, for sure. Returning there for another convention as well as the Uppcon Memorial Reunion Picnic-event will definitely be a special happening as well! Another big reason for is that PeppCon will be hosted by dedicated convention people that were also the first people me got to know in my con-life outside Norway, and since they informed me about this, me could not just say no to be a part of this happening! Now, about 2 months before the convention kicks off, me be massively excited for this summer, that’s for sure! The people, the place, friends, reunions, loads of memories, randomness and a lot more… the sayings are many! PeppCon is not UppCon, but it is definitely going to be unique and a nice happening. Can’t wait!

UppCon Memorial Reunion Picnic 2013 – What is that?
The name speaks for itself; it be a picnic to gather conventioners with or without a bond to the mentioned UppCon, a convention that was held highly for many of us conventioners, one way or another. This started as an event where the organizers wanted to gather people for a cozy, chillaxy and a nice reunion happening, but it was way more popular than they hoped for, so now PeppCon is arranging this picnic outside their convention area for FREE! Yep, it does not cost anything to attend this picnic (which definitely is great for those who cannot attend the con itself but who still want to be a part of this.) – No tickets fare needed for this event. However, be aware to meet up rather early for this as it will take place just hours BEFORE the convention itself opens on the 12th of july! A definite must-do event, especially if you have and/or had any connection to the former UppCon!

Tickets and prices
Tickets for PeppCon are now available, as well as other stuff, and since the site is in swedish only, me will list the prices here:
3-day pass (weekend-pass) = 300 SEK / €37 (NO sleeping accommodation included!)
1-day pass = 100 SEK / €12 (NO sleeping accommodation included!)
Sleeping hall spot = 75 SEK / €9
Children ticket = 50 SEK / €6
Pool = 50 SEK / €6 pr. visit
Parking = 50 SEK / €6 pr. day

You are free to book the tickets now and pay later, but no later than 7. july!

Venue info
PeppCon will be held 12-14. july (24-hour convention) at Fyrishov in Uppsala, Sweden. Like with most cons, this one might only have a few hundred visitors, but considering it is held in Uppsala, it might get more people than they’ve planned for….! Fyrishov is also a big arena (one of Swedens most visited arenas) with plenty of possibilities for acitivities and such.

Attend their event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/149276988571732/?ref=ts&fref=ts

PeppCon facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/PeppCon

Site in Swedish only
Unfortunately, PeppCon’s website, www.peppcon.se, is in swedish only, but Google Translate is your friend!

What are your thoughts about this and PeppCon? Going to attend this con, or?! Drop off a comment!

PS: The PeppCon-logo kinda reminds me (and probably other norwegians too) about the Peppes Pizzeria-logo……

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