Shookie’s travel tip #3: Know the airports!

Time for another travel tip: KNOW YOUR AIRPORT(S)!

Which airport and how many airports?
It might happen that you will get confused when traveling from/to different airports. Whether it be airports in London, Oslo, Paris or Gothenburg, you still better check which airport is the one you are traveling to/from. Usually your flight ticket / booking from the flight company tells you which airport code it is. This is a 3-letter code that every single airport has, to make each airport unique.  Stick to that code! Do not be fooled by the names, as some cities, as mentioned above, have more airports than just one!

Search for your destination
There are numerous sites that lets you search and browse through the many different flight companies, cities and such. You can use IATA’s search function to find out how many airports there are in your city and all of their codes. Find the one that matches your ticket code! (external link; Choose “Location name” in the “Search by”-field!) – If you happen to have the 3-letter code in place already, you can simply type in the 3-letter code in the link above to find the city and name of the airport.

Time yourself to the airport!
Usually one starts the trip to the airport from the city central. Whether you are going by train or bus, you should always time yourself properly. Calculate how long time you will get to the train/bus that takes you to the airport + the time it takes to the airport itself. Be aware of rush hours, changes, delays and such for the trains. If possible, check things the evening/night/morning before you start your travel. If not, then time yourself so you can have backup solutions ready, like if the train is delayed, you can just take the express airport bus or something. It is better to be too early than too late, you know. Me be usually in place 1-2 hours before check-in and baggage drop closes. Be sure you time yourself for that as well! Check your flight company’s policies/rules for check-in and baggage.

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