Shookie’s travel tip #4: Traveling nicely economy style!

This time me will give a rather simple, but yet so overseen pointers on how you can save money on your journeys and thus spend them on other things, especially if you have a rather tight budget to stick to…

So. Here me will share my pointers on how you can travel on a rather tight budget. Soe yeah, even if you might not have as much money as your other friends and/or companions, you can still have heaps of joy on your journeys. You just need to learn your ways around things when it comes to saving and spending money. Having a wise way and attitute towards saving and spending money will also give you more on your journeys. Below me will go over the more common situations where money can be saved and such.

Everyday things food, drinks and goodies
Sure, if you be rich and can afford the goodies of like Starbucksing, living fancy and eat heavily/high-expensed meals, then there be much more options for you, obviously. However, know how much you can afford when it comes everyday things such as food, drinks and transport, especially when you be on the move.

Drop drinking fancy and eating crap
Drop going to places like Starbucks and McDonalds etc, especially in high-cost countries is a good place to start for saving money and eating better. When going to a convention where i.e McDonald’s is a close option, find a way around it! Me be not going into why one should not go for McDonalds when there be other options and such, but yeah, find a way around it! To be honest, a trip to the mall/store to buy breakfast, lunch and/or dinner thingies is the best option, but if you be too lazy for making dinner, there be other cheap and MUCH better options than McDonalds anyways! Even split the bill to work things out the cheapest way possible. Besides, why buy a coffee to an expensive price at say Starbucks when you can buy a similar or even the same coffee for 2 or 3 times cheaper price… It’s simply not worth it.

Water = cheap
If you can live with drinking water to meals, then there be quite some money to save, unless you find a nice “deal” for the drinks to the meals, of course. Getting something else than free water can be rather costly, especially if you are dining every single day on your trip. It can gather up quite a big amount, you know.

Public transport etc.
With them things above in mind, you might wanna check the cheapest possible traveling/public transport options. Taxi with 2-4 people = rather cheap. Taxi alone = rather costly. Going to stay in the same place for a days or week(s)? Check for group discounts, check for daily/weekly bus/travel cards and such. There are loads of money to save there.

Think twice over things!
When you be wandering around, you will stumble upon heaps of temptations and nice things that triggers your buy-buttons. Stop for a moment and think twice if you REALLY need what you are going to buy or if you wanna save them money for something more useful and more convenient.

Travel cheap
As me have mentioned before, if you CAN, you want to travel as cheap as you can, even if it means to spend few hours extra on traveling. Here be an example to a travel option of mine that me uses quite so often:
- When me travel from Oslo to Stavanger, a one-way TRAIN ticket for a direct train to the city centre in Stavanger costs about 250 NOK (32 EUR). Traveltime: about 7-8hrs. Obviously, a night train is the best option then, if you can manage to sleep on the train, that is… But at least you will not be charged extra for luggage AND you can meet up just minutes before the train departures.
- A one-way FLIGHT ticket from Oslo Airport to Stavanger Airport on the other hand costs 500 NOK (63 EUR) without any checked-in luggage. Traveltime: only 40 mins. BUT, here you gotta remember that:
1) there is +50 NOK for each checked-in luggage,
2) there is a minimum fee of 80 NOK (10 EUR) for a one-way train ticket TO Oslo Airport, unless you are staying close to the airport, of course… It is 80 NOK if you be a STUDENT, 160 (20 EUR) if you be an adult…
3) there is another 80 NOK (10 EUR) from Stavanger Airport to Stavanger City Centre.

That makes the flight-option cost you up to 700-800 NOK for a one-way ticket. That is three times more expensive than taking the train. So yeah, a lot of money to save, indeed, though the traveltime will be longer. But then again; if you can take a night train, you will just sleep through the journey anyways. Taking a bus to Stavanger is out of the question as it takes both longer than the train and is way more expensive.

Yep, you be on vacation and there might be heaps of nice things you want to try out, but if you cannot afford it, you simply have to understand that fact and organize your spending and saving before you realize it’s too late. You might reckon and think it is worth it, but is it REALLY worth it? Up to you to decide that, of course. Just saying that if you know your way around things, you be able to get more out of your journeys than you can think…

Also, me be not saying that you should starve yourself on your trips and not buy anything. Not at all. Me be just saying and advicing that there be other ways and alternatives to things that can save you loads of money. Because when you do have a rather low/tight budget to stick to, you must find alternatives.

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Tanks to Michelle for giving me the idea to write this article.

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