NärCon 2013 in just 4-5 days! One of THE cons of the year!

So… One of THE cons of the year is taking place in Linköping, Sweden in just 4-5 days; NärCon 2013! And a new Shookie Monster-cosplay! Here you should have some reasons to get “pepp”ed up for next weekends happening as well as some info…

The days are seriously closing in on one of the most exciting, important, fun and nicest cons for me to attend this year; NärCon 2013! We already had NärCon Winter, which was the first time NärCon arranged a convention outside their main summer event, so now it is time for their major event! And for me, this will be even more fun since we are about 10+ friends traveling from abroad to attend this convention AND the fact that me will be celebrating my birthday during the convention as well! Now THAT will be fun! No, way more than that, me be sure! One of the most enjoyful cons for me, really. Been there 3 times before, including NärCon Winter, and it’s been more than fun and amazing for me (and my friends) – After all, meeting loads of nice and interesting people is what is the main fun, me say!

New Shookie Monster-cosplay!
After some back and forth, a new version of Shookie Monster FINALLY be ready, though it will not be 100% complete, unfortunately, as all the parts will not be ready for this con, but still.. as a certain animation girl said; “OMG! IT’S SO FLUFFY!” – Me be sure that will be the case with this as well…. and the usual vanilla/cookie smell too!

Official NärCon 2013 app!
There are HEAPS of things to write about this convention, but to make things a bit easier, me will instead let you guys check out NärCon 2013′s official app for your mobile device, which can be found by clicking here!

Tickets sold out – day-passes sold at the entrance!
Though their 5000+ weekend-passes are all sold out, there are still day-passes available. These will be sold at the entrance to the con, but to a limited amount! Refer to http://tickets.narcon.se for prices etc. (NB: Free registration is required!)

NCC – Nordic Cosplay Championship finals
Probably one of the major happenings will be the finals of the NCC – Nordic Cosplay Championship! This is a competition that gathers 20 cosplayers from the nordic countries Sweden, Finland, Denmark and last years winners Norway (Rakel Cotino and her Monster Hunter-cosplay) – Click here to view the gallery from last years NCC. And this year’s prize includes a trip for 2 to JAPAN with hotel, transportation  etc. in a total package worth 25000SEK / €3000 EUR! Click here for NCC’s official website.

What to expect of this years NärCon?
Quite a lot, to be honest! With all the different nationalities, peeps, cosplayers, events, panels, mentioned NCC, night activities (disco etc.) guests and loads of game compos, bbq, juicebar + more! So, there should be something  for one and each other. Keep in mind that this is a 4-day event (for some 5-6, for some even longer…..) so there should be plenty of time to find things to do, even take time to explore Linköping City for some nice meet-up meals and such, which is always such a great thing to do on such a con.

For parents / För föräldrar
If you’re a parent and uncertain about NärCon and what’s happening there, rest assured, as this is a serious event with over 700 workers taking care of NärCon’s visitors all weekend long! Most important, it is a drug- and alcohol-free convention. Read more about this by clicking here.

This years Guest of Honor is no other than the guy behind the oh so popular and nice Tales of-series; Hideo Baba! He even made a video greeting for NärCon which you can view here!

DJ Amaya from USA will be the guy spinning the tracks for the crowd this weekend, which should be nice as well. View his page and tunes by clicking here!

Oh, and if you be familiar with LoL, the VA (voice actor) of Twisted Fate and Viktor, Owen Thomas, also made a video greeting to NärCon, which can be viewed here! (Big tanks to fellow norwegian cosplayer in Tine Marie for getting this in place!)

Fellow cosplayers
Aside from the guests above, there will be fellow cosplayers there in:
Chrix Design (NOR) –  Paine Cosplay (BEL) – Tine Marie (NOR) – Rakel Cotino (NOR) – Gustav Ljungdahl (SWE) + many more! Another article about them cosplayers will come soon!

Host Club & Maidcafé
Yep, as always, there will be  a host club (by G-HOST, if you be familiar with them) and not one but TWO maidcafés; the well-known and nice Sakura Garden and the freshu Tea Time maids. Be sure to check out for some nice maid-time….and cookies, hopefully…

Phew… That be a lot of info! And more is available on the app and NärCon’s webpage: www.narcon.se - Things such as info about campus, gaming room, compos, the usual pool, juicebar, bbq and whatnot! So be sure to be updated and grab a program when you check-in for the convention!

Teaser for NärCon 2013
To help some of you get hyped up for even more NärCon fundom (and randomness), here is a small teaser for you; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEDX9enecTY

SO, SEE YOU THERE IN JUST 5 DAYS?!?! Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy! Can’t wait now! Share your thoughts and comments below!

Venue: NärCon 2013 @ Linköping, SWEDEN – 25-28. july 2013 – Official opening hour: Thursday 25. july 13:37 – Homepage: www.narcon.se

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